Der Elefant
Pl. Bankowy 1
00-139 Warszawa
tel.: 22 890 00 10
open from:
Monday - Saturday:
12.00 - 24.00
12.00 - 23.00


We respect the Energy

The main source of the Restaurant's lighting are LED bulbs using 75% less energy and producing 75% less heat. Our kitchen is equipped with the latest energy-efficient technologies.

We respect the Water

For all our kitchen processes, from cleaning to dish washing we use smart schemes to reduce water consumption.

We respect the Paper

We print exclusively on recycled paper. Our bathrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art Dyson Air Blade hand dryers.


Our personnel selects paper, glass and organic waste. We reuse it willingly after processing.

Eco-friendly products

We use cleaning products which are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment.


Children's zone is not only a playroom but first of all, a learning place. We would like to teach the new generations how to eat well. Our children need to eat healthily!

The design of the Restaurant

We are proud that the materials which were used to build our Restaurant are natural and renewable. All the paints we used, have appropriate environment-friendly certificates.


The restaurant has been designed in Warsaw by Bartosz Hryniewicki, our longtime friend, inspired by our common travels to the United States and Israel.

"We say that the faces of coming generations are looking up from the Earth, so when you put your feet down, you put them down very carefully, because there are generations coming one after the other. If you think in these terms, then you'll walk a lot more carefully, be more respectful of this Earth."

Iroquois Chief