Der Elefant
Pl. Bankowy 1
00-139 Warszawa
tel.: 22 890 00 10
open from:
Monday - Saturday:
12.00 - 24.00
12.00 - 23.00

O nas

Der Elefant is made up of two worlds. The first one is Fish and Oyster Bar with fresh fish, oysters imported directly by us, or the famous Alaskan crabs. The second world is the restaurant where we season and grill the highest quality beef. We buy vegetables directly from proven producers. The quality and freshness of the products are paramount. The children’s culinary studio (Warsaw Cooking University), like the playground, is part of the legend of Der Elefant.



Green card

Der Elefant changes for its guests. From the first day of spring, people who value vegetarian cuisine or simply prefer lighter dishes will receive a special menu with suggestions for themselves. And as always in our restaurant - the dishes will not only b...


phone: 22 890 00 10