Fresh Fish & Seafood

Fresh Fish Every Day
Fish of The Day, ask our waiter for details


Fresh Oysters

Fresh Oysters

1 pc / 3 pcs / 6 pcs


NEW!!! Hemingway's Oyster

With tomato sauce and celery. 1 pc


Fresh Oyster from the Oven

With butter, garlic and parsley. 1 pc.


Fresh Oyster Baked with Cheese

Served with bechamel sauce. 1 pc/20g.


Cold Appetizers

Der Elefant Ceviche

With fresh herbs. 120/70/3/50 g


Lithuanian Herring

With horseradish cream and potatoes. 120 g/150 g.


Fish Mezze Mix

300 g.


Octopus Carpaccio

With fennel salad, olive oil, hot pepper and fresh herbs. 80 g/20 g


Salmon Tartare

with avocado, lime juice and greek yoghurt 120 g/30 g


Fresh Seafood Mix  "Royal"

Best fresh seafood on ice for one or two people


Hot Appetizers

NEW!!! Razor Clams

150 g


Grilled Calamari

180 g


NEW!!! Grilled Octopus

With delicate bean puree, cherry tomatoes and red onion. 120/120/5/5 g


NEW!!! St. Jacob Scallops with Ginger

2 pcs


St. Jacob Scallops Foie Gras

With aromatoc bisque sauce. 2 pcs/80 g


St. Jacob Scallops

4 pcs


NEW!!! King Prawns

6 pcs.


We Strongly Recommend

Hot Crabs! For the first time in Poland!

Alaska Crab Legs

Delicate Alaskan Crab legs with hot butter.


Grilled Dishes

All dishes are served with Mixed Salad
and a Baguette or Potato Salad

Bass Filet from Lake Victoria

200 g


Norwegian Salmon Filet

200 g


Grilled Norwegian Salmon

With prawns and fragrant green pepper. 200/150 g

Tuna Steak


Delicate Whole Turbot

1 pc


Whole Sea Bream

With fragrant fennel 1 pc.




NEW!!! Fish & Chips

150/200/50 g


NEW!!! Fresh Mussels

In white wine. 800 g



Oven-Baked Dishes

All dishes are served with Mixed Salad
and a Baguette or Potato Salad

Fish Lasagne with Spinach

Baked in tomato-sour crem sauce. 200 g/300 g


Selection of Seafood

Squid, shrimps, mule baked in delicate tomato sauce. 120 g/3 pcs/90 g/190 g


Soups of The Day

250 g.


NEW!!! Bouillabesse Soup with Roville Sauce

200 g.



Some dishes may contain allergens!