Homemade maringue served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. 1 pc/100 g.


NEW!!! Homemade Vanilla Ice Crem

Served with hot raspberries. 120 g/3 pcs./30 g.


Homemade Lemon Sorbet

150 g/3 pcs



Homemade lemon sorbet serbed with a shot of vodla. 1 pcs/40 ml



Light dessert cream with rose water, pistachios and coconut. 100 g.


Chocolate Mousse

Served with orange peel and creme anglaise. 150 g.


Mille Feuille

Thousand petal cake with mascarpone cream and hot caramel sauce. 1 pc/100 g.


Mini Dessert Set

Panna Cotta, Malabi, Chocolate Mousse. 50/50/50 g.


Please enjoy a FREE cup of genuine Italian Espresso with your dessert!!!