Homemade maringue served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. 1 pc/100 g.


Creme Brulee with Amarena Cherry

Amarena cherry and vanilla cream. 100 g.


Cinnamon Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream served with crunchy coffee flakes. 100 g/3 szt.



Light dessert cream served with rose water, pistachios and coconut. 100 g.


Chocolate Mousse with Orange Peel

Chocolate mousse served with orange peel and creme angalis. 150 g.


Mille Feuille

A thousand petals cake with mascarpone cream and hot caramel sauce. 1 pc/100 g.


Mini Dessert Set

Creme Brulee, Malabi, Chocolate Mousse. 50/50/50 g.


Please enjoy a FREE cup of genuine Italian Espresso with your dessert!!!